To All,

I need help,I have no experience with this LAN type set-up.

I have a customer with a LAN and a wireless link between two 
buildings.  I have mounted a POP on their 90' 'grain stack' 
at a third building.  I come down the 'stack' 75' to an 
outdoor bridge, Cat5e 65' to my power inserter and a router.  
To here everything works fine.  I can plug my laptop into the 
router, see my whole WISP net and have Inet Access.

The LAN is running in three buildings.  
1.- Office, A 3Com Hub connecting one PC, and a Belkin Access 
Point used to connect one laptop and a printer with a 
wireless print server attached.  Telco cabling to a second 
office building 75' away, with one PC.  

I have added one bridge to the peak of building 3, where my 
router is, with a 120' cat5e connecting to the bridge.  I can 
see the Belkin access from this bridge, RSSI 90.

I can see the router from the offices, pinging, with the PC 
and my laptop, but cannot access the net.  When I move my 
laptop to the router, I can access all.

I turned the power on the bridge in building 3 to max and 
still can ping but no access.

What am I doing wrong?  Is this link from the Belkin AP with 
the attendent cabling just too long?  Too much latency for 
this all to work?

What are your thoughts, maybe I am the problem.  How would 
you configure this network?

Ron Wallace
Hahnron, Inc.
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