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>Why?  It won't be that much better for them than they have it now.
>700 mhz already went to auciton, they already have it.  And almost
>no one (yet again) is doing jack with it.  And there's no product
>that's even remotely cost effective.

It's not a matter of cost effectiveness.  The ILEC I am partnered
with owns a LARGE area in southern Missouri.  The equipment that is
available is not, yet working well.  I am testing the WaveIP product
right now.  I do not like the way they implemented the system, and
the available throughput is just too low.  The WaveIp and Airspan
products (both) are based on the WiMax chips, so when that becomes
available, they will be able to run the WiMax protocols.  Perhaps
others would like the implementation, but they have shown me NOTHING
that is impressive so far.  I WILL say that I have been able to make
a link, standing on the ground holding the antenna at 20.75 miles
and pulled the same throughput I did standing under the tower.  The
NLOS properties of this band (lower 700MHz) is very impressive, but
the product just plain sucks.

>They still don't get it (lets hope none of them ever hires people
>like you and me.....  THAT's my biggest fear).  They'll want gear

Well....they hired me.  Does that count?

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