A. Huppenthal wrote:
Interestingly email is a real deterrent to changing ISPs. Be sure to have the best Email possible - great webmail, fast performance, SSL/TLS, all the basics - forwarding, vacation agents, distribution lists, all that.. It's a value added feature for a good ISP. When they leave charge them $5 a month to maintain their account, and keep them as a customer.

Great advice Alex,
We have quite a few dial up customers who quit and went to Qwest DSL but keep paying us 5.00 per month for their email.

Not sure how many, but some have now switched from DSL to our wireless.

We also had some that quit and went to cable, maybe 6 subs.
And 3 or 4 of them came back.

One came back the next day, before we had a chance to de-install him.

Competition is part of the game, and customers will change.
It's something that every ISP has to deal with.


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