The elecric company doesn't care what you do with their electricity...
The gas company doesn't care what you do with their gas...
The water company doesn't care what you do with your water...

Why should the ISP care what you do with your connection, as long as it doesn't affect their network? Asinine initiatives like IMS and the desire for the telcos/cellcos to have complete control over what their users do or don't do will cause them to lose customers like crazy. They don't even understand what kind of a detriment that crap will be to their service levels.

More information? Pick up the latest Wired and see how the combination of Apple/cellcos/manufacturers/Hollywood managed to produce such an inferior product as the Motorola ROKR phone. I hope our moronic telcos continue to offer these lame-brained ideas up.

Matt Larsen

Charles Wu wrote:

Electricity, Gas and Water are billed on a usage basis

Competitive market pressures aside, why should Internet be any different?


Technology Architects

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I can see it now. We will soon be charging for termination and origination of IP traffic on networks. Just like long distance phone calls used to be. Yay....kill me now.

Frank Muto wrote:

Just passing on some information that may be of interest to anyone. Entitlement vs. laws, and a company's TOS/AUP I'm sure are all involved in one form or another, as with anything else concerning the use of a network to access the Internet or other service.

As far as I am concerned, this whole Internet and who controls (owns) it, is just getting dumber and dumber by the minute. Congress, the FCC, state and local governments, special interest groups, the Bell's, xLEC's etc, etc, etc., can all suck eggs.


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I have a problem with the second item listed on the challenge myself. It

2) Consumers are entitled to run applications and services of their choice, subject to the needs of law enforcement <>;

I do not allow my broadband subscribers to use their connection for applications or services which act as a server or daemon for delivering content to others. Broadband networks are not designed to be content delivery networks from the customer end generally. In the case of wireless broadband access, customers can cause network problems if they allow thousands of open ports to a popular file download. I have seen this many times and I have provisions in my AUP which allow me to turn customers off who cause network problems from trying to use broadband as a content delivery mechanism. I welcome other thoughts but I believe we need to have the ability to stop abuses of a network which can cause us problems. With that said I agree that there needs to be some commitment from operators to allow access to their networks for free and open competition. I just do not agree that there can be no limits to what we can or cannot allow on the network. Especially when some things can harm network functionality. John Scrivner

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