Good point George.

I did not consider emergency communication needs, in my thought.

But your point does strengthen, my opinion that broadband should not be undervalued. If your ship was about to sink, and the coast guard needed to be immediately called, or INternet instant message sent, how much would you pay to be able to make that phone call, or communication, in a time of URGENT need, life or death situation? Is it appropriate to have communication systems that are NOT up to PAR, to handle these immediate emergency needs that consumers could have? City providing a network to a million people for $10 a subscriber or for free, in an open access fassion, is not likely to deliver the reliabilty to meet the need of emergency response. Thats one of the reasons Public safety organizations like POLICE have been allocated Licensed Spectrum worth billions given to them. Reliabilty and needs to be engineered, with realistic ideals. For tehcnologies capabilty and support. The other question that applies is, how many options of communication are needed to fullfill that need? There is a strong case for redundancy, such as MAC Dearman, has recently proven. and are those option necessary for the individual home? There is no doubt that broadband could save lives, as you just corrected me on the topic. But what did the people do 20 years ago, when broadband did not exist? Or for that matter when phones did not exist?

Tom DeReggi
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Tom DeReggi wrote:

TV, Phone, Internet on the other hand are luxeries, things that people rely on, but would survive if they did without. I've never seen someone die from TV/Phone/Internet with drawal, although you never know it could happen.

Tom. You should rethink what you just said about you've never heard of anyone dying because of no phone or internet.

The phone absolutely has saved lives.

And people surely died that didn't get to one fast enough or could find one.

The internet on the other hand, I don't have to remind you that Mac and those hero wisp workers who bailed out people all across the gulf with voip and net sure proved that the net is more than a luxury.

As for tv, ok.


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