In my experience, the guys at MikroTik are quite responsive to user requests.

Have you asked them about this?

Blair Davis
West Michigan Wireless, ISP

Paul Hendry wrote:

Because a lot of traffic crossing our network is in packets smaller than
1500 bytes I have been playing with Mikrotik's M3P to aggregate the smaller
packets together. Throughput wise this seems to work very well and we see a
big improvement on the amount of data we can pass over our wireless
backhaul. The problem is that M3P adds about 15ms of delay in each direction
so you are adding 30ms of delay to most none UDP streams. This is the amount
of time that M3P waits to fill the 1500 byte.

Does anyone know of an alternative system or open source software that does
packet aggregation but is a little more configurable? Ideally I would like
to be able to change the amount of time that the aggregator waits to fill
it's payload and therefore reduce the overall delay.



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