This is the route I will take.  I have tried to boot it 6 or 7 times and
I will NOT power it up again.  My external backup drive just got here
Friday too!  I was a day late.  :(  I have found a few places with flat
rates at $700 or so.  I will keep looking.  Anyone have a Dell 8600? 
Will you take the hard drive out and jiggle it?  I want to know it it
rattles.  Just for peace of mind.  I hope it rattles.

If anyone does not have backups, go do it now.  THIS SUCKS.  I hve Dell
complete care, so laptop replacement is free, but not the data.

Joe Fiero <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 11/27/2005, 04:42:58 PM:
> Brian,
> If the data is of importance to you, DO NOTHING!  Do not attempt any
> additional boots.  You have head damage, and each RPM is causing "pitting"
> on the platter surface, literally taking bits of your data with it.  Send it
> only to a lab wit a clean room and one with credentials.  Be prepared to
> spend a minimum of $500 and possibly as much as $2000, depending on the
> damage, and the amount of data you wish to recover.  If it is more than a
> few Gb, you will also have to send them another hard drive to put it on.
> I hope you have better luck than I did.  I decided that I was as good as the
> experts and before sending mine to I even tried putting the platters into a
> good working identical drive I had ling around.  It was a fatal error and I
> lost over 2 years work (for experts, we sure screw the pooch often, don't we
> ;)  I was provided with the above advice by the lab I sent mine to after I
> was told the data was unrecoverable due to excessive surface damage.
> Good luck.
> Joe
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