Hi Dylan,

  Marketing practices depend on your business model and your
customers.  If you can only reach a few entities, it's usually best to
go directly to them with your pitch.  If you want widespread
publicity, more traditional channels are usually most efficient:
Radio, TV, billboards, etc.  If you're creative you can probably come
up with ways to get into this type of media very inexpensively.
Others have been successful with door-knob hangers.

  Obviously, your ILEC has the all the voice/data circuit information
you could ever want, but I have a feeling that they will sell you
their fiber routes before they sell you their customer list.

  You can get business records from infousa.com.  Most libraries have
a subscription.  Check with them before using it for commercial
purposes.  One of the columns the data has is number of computers.
It's probably not that accurate, but it may be better than nothing.

The IRS does not collect property taxes, local municipalities do.
Check your city's assessor's office.  It looks like Spring Green
farmed it out to: Krueger Appraisals, LLC/Greg Grandprey 608-837-6005.
 They may be able to give you the data on CD.  Note that the building
owner is not necessarily the business owner.

 - Tony

On 11/30/2005 7:53 PM, Dylan Oliver created:
> Hi,
> Just wondering how you all approach marketing. At the moment I'm
> interested in obtaining a list of addresses of all businesses within say
> a 150-mile radius of Spring Green, WI. What I really want is a list of
> every entity leasing T1s or greater! Somehow I doubt that this
> information will be easy to come by. I'm willing to work at this, and am
> happy to rip apart / cobble together sundry databases. I heard that one
> could obtain property tax records from the IRS, but haven't found
> anything on this most promising claim.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> -- 
> Dylan Oliver
> Primaverity, LLC
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