Nice. Glad to see there are others trying to promote independent WISPs success out there.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

You never heard of Kory Mohr?  He has these sites......

He's a good dude and puts in a lot of work for the industry and for WISPs.

A. Huppenthal wrote:

I had no idea there was a classified list someplace. Noted that WISPA had a goal item to create one, and when I posted the suggestion earlier, I hadn't heard another such list existed.- so, I made one. :-) Likely no need for duplicate lists, unless policy, format or other differences suggest there should be two. I'll look now that I know.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

I know Kory has a site set up for ads.

Maybe you can get ideas from it or maybe we don't need another?
Didn't know if you knew about it.


A. Huppenthal wrote:

I checked, we don't have classified ads at WISPA.

While I was messing around with the Group Buy listserver... I decided to setup what I suggested a week ago or so.. A list for classifed ads. I'll be posting a bunch of stuff shortly.

Subscribe by sending an email to: [EMAIL PROTECTED], if you like.

I'm going to use the form: Subject: Mfg, Model, Quanty, Price or OBO whatever. to make it easy to scan for products in the subject line.

 Have fun.


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