I am exploring an opportunity to do group buys for Canopy gear.  If you want to join the email list dedicated to making this happen.  Follow this TWO STEP process.  A few of you did the first step but not the second.

Principle WISPA members can request subscription to the Buying Group listserv by sending an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED].

If you are a Principle member (this means you paid up), post or reply to the message titled "Canopy Buy" on  [EMAIL PROTECTED] - you'll need to signup for that by sending an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED]. Sorry about the two-step, but we don't have anyway to verify you are a principle member without seeing your message on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] listserv.. If you have a better idea... please post it.

If you get rejected, sign up for WISPA Principle membership at: http://signup.wispa.org/wispa-newacct.html and send in another request to signup for the Group Buy list - [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Let's try to keep it simple. Be a principle member, signup by sending an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] - save a bunch of money on purchases by teaming up with others on the private list that want to buy in bulk. Do your diligence on the list, make your calls, and swap info with each other. Don't call me/email me whinning because it didn't work out for you. Take on your own responsibility for making it work. It can, I've done it, and it works. Brian's got a good start with around 50% off the equipment he is interested in.

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