You do NOT have 3 dB of connector loss unless you are totally screwing up the connectors.  The actual loss is something like .1 dB of loss per connector.  I usually count them as 0 just to be safe.
Also, you've surely noticed that Vivato just folded up shop.  The product never really worked as advertised I'm told.  To me, this is no surprise.  I said for a long time that any system that can reach inside of ALL of the buildings in the area will be hampered by incredible interference levels.  In 2.4 it's just a bad idea long term.  Think about all of the phones, cams, lans and security systems alone! 
Outdoors you can at least use real, directional antennas and get a decent carrier to interference level.  Indoors, you can't squelch out any of the other users.
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I am currently testing the ability to have a mobile network. Currently I have STAROS running an access point with a 1 watt rflinx agc amp and 9db pac wireless vertical omni. This puts my power output right at 36db (counting -3db for connectors) and I set the SSID to “hotspot –” I am trying to see how well this works by leaving it open for a while and get some comments on it. I have lit up the whole town square off of a 35 foot tv tower and I can go about 2-3 blocks in any direction and still have signal in the -70’s If I was on the Fire Departments 100’ tower right beside me I can only imagine how well this is going to work. I am thinking about lighting up the entire business district in town, I think it would only take about 4 AP’s and just leave them open and only give people 128k download and tell them if they want more download they can pay. I would eventually like to have a 900mhz system for the County Sheriff to run off and they would pay big if I could get coverage throughout the entire county. I am thinking I can do some tricks with some 1 watt amps in the 900mhz spectrum. Has anyone had experience with the 900mhz Motorola platform and Is it capable of registering to different AP’s on the fly without having to set it in the SM???


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