Lol, just seeing what your thoughts were, I only run STAR OS on my AP's
so I couldn't do it if I wanted too. I couldn't help saying it though,
it was such a neat little idea. I'm glad to know the option is there
though if I or you ever need it.

Kurt Fankhauser
114 S. Walnut St.
Bucyrus, OH 44820

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I don't know...I think its kind of a cute idea!   :-)

OK...But as a board member I cannot condone such business tactics.  Play

fair now.

As you were......


Tom DeReggi wrote:

> I have to agree with John. I can't see the benefit of resorting to 
> those type of poor neighbor policies. First off, I'd be embaressed to 
> admit it openly on the list. Second you are borderlining on legality. 
> You just provided evidence that you purposely attempt to degrade 
> another businesses ability to do business, where you'd likely lose now

> in a suit for tortuous interference (or what ever that is called), if 
> ever taken up against you. Secondly, anything you do to them, 
> ultimately can be done back to you, if they get work of your tactics.
> Its been proven many time over, that friendly neighbor policies far 
> better mutually benefit WISPs.  I'd advise re-tinking your strategy.
> At minimum, if the goal was to get your competitors's clients to 
> associate to you, the las tthing you'd want to point out to them is 
> that your network would be vulnerable to the same tactics that your 
> neighbor was. You expose the flaws in Wifi, and you ALSO provide wifi.

> If you insisted on tactics to steal their association, you'd be much 
> better off, having their clients connect to you, and then you pass 
> them to your captive portal signup page, with a splash page for better

> rates and/or performance options, with an option to continue at low 
> bandwdith.  The last thing you want to do is play Thug tactics, (sorta

> like mafia protection money), stating we are the ones destroying your 
> ability to use the Internet, pay us, or don't communicate at all. No 
> one wants to buy service from someone that they've developed animosity

> towards.
> Tom DeReggi
> RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
> IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband
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>> Short of frustrating potential customers I cannot fathom what 
>> positive effect this process has. Please enlighten me how this is a 
>> good thing to do.
>> Scriv

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