In the sense that I got the prices, yes. Finding 10 WISPs who want ten CPEs of the same brand has proven difficult. :) Bunch of crazy WISPs anyways. Everyone says ya great thats cool.....and then sits on their thumbs. I did what I could. Regardless, I have yet to make my 900 decision anyway. I was leaning to Canopy, (thus the group) but I myself was not ready to order. I was still willing to do all the work for free to get it going even if I didn't use the gear. just like what Matt said about his Cellular Expert program. If it's free people don't want it. Anyway, I like to keep my options open anyway. I will be testing the Ubiquiti cards out next week for a manufacturer (so he says) :) I am leaning at that now. This vender has a lot coming out and I like it. Looks like it will be sub 300 900mhz cpe at my discount, so we'll see. That $50 savings per cpe (for me) will be the difference from paying cash for it to leasing it. I want to pay cash. No matter what way I go, my 900 decision will come by Feb 10th. If I decide Canopy, I'll PUSH the group. Otherwise, people will have to come to me about it. I'll do it as my offer still stands, but I'm not going to push it.

Alex, thanks for the late night on getting that list setup. Sorry everyone was full of bull about actually wanting to do it. :(


Charles Wu wrote:

Out of curiosity -- how did that end up? Where you able to prove my
naysaying wrong?


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