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But it does show up in Kismet.....


Thursday, December 29, 2005, 10:52:01 AM, you wrote:

BH> I still rest better at night knowing my network  doesn't show
BH> up in every teenager's copy of Netstumbler..
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BH> The downside of proprietary systems is the being 'held
BH> hostage'    to the one manufacture....  As some of us have already
BH> discovered.

BH> And just because you have a network based on 'proprietary   
BH> system', don't think you are 'safe'.  You are    not.

BH> Blair

BH> Kurt Fankhauser wrote: 
BH> I did it to expose the problems associated with 802.11b/g which is a
BH> technology that was NOT designed for what it is being used for today. I
BH> think several people on the list realized what tricks can be done with
BH> the SSID and now they are smarter because I posted it. The whole point
BH> of the post is that you need to use a proprietary solution that was
BH> designed for WISP usage. If you were a professional WISP you would be
BH> using such solution and thus YOU and YOUR customers would not be subject
BH> to someone doing this to you.

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