Do that.  I will watch from the "woodwork".

If memory serves me correctly, BPS Networks / Telephone is an rural ILEC --
you deploy wireless in areas where it doesn't make sense to deploy DSL over
your own infrastructure

Now, this isn't meant as a comdemnation or anything, but knowing this
background information about you helps me understand your position (which,
IMO, is quite enviable) -- the potential of losing access to the services
offered by local loop is not a possibility since you own the local loop --
so this discussion is immaterial =)

As a result, you have the luxury of being able to watch from the "woodwork"

The original poster, Tom DeReggi, happens to operate an "ILEC-Free" network
(e.g., it's all leased dark fiber and wireless), and is thus also unaffected
by the various access debates, and thus (rightfully, IMO) believes that he
should be able to do whatever he wants with his network...

However, there are a lot of people out there (for example Scrivner) that are
still dependent on the local ILEC for a lot of services (for example,
accessing copper to offer dial-up, DSL, T1 or a slew of other connectivity
solutions.  In his case, there is a concern because he stands to lose a
significant amount of business should the ILEC get the ability to
arbitrarily "cut him off"

On the extreme side, one CLEC, XO, seeing this situation, has decided to
"ditch the UNE access business" and focus exclusively on wireless
(old news): http://www.networkworld.com/news/2005/110805-xo-spinoff.html


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