18" pigtails don't cut with large dishes. Further, the loss on crap coax at 5.8Ghz is quite high even with short lengths. From a shear cost perspective there is little reason to use crap coax for short pigtails. Without cost being a major factor all the benefits of using quality coax start piling up.


Travis Johnson wrote:

The whole idea is you mount the radio on the tower, and use a small (18 inch) pigtail. :)


Matt Liotta wrote:

Tom DeReggi wrote:

Required for FCC reuirement of unique connector rule. PErsonally Ip refer them to stay as is with the connectors. That way they all stay the same and one cable to stock.

There are other connectors more robust than RP-SMA; it doesn't have to be N. RP-SMA is just too small to use with decent coax.


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