I can tell you from past experience it is a good idea to find a good brand and use it. One of the things I learned at the WCA show a couple of weeks ago was that if you want to have a business worth selling later you had better consider using one high-quality well-known platform instead of a hodge-podge of radio solutions. Alvarion is definitely one of those "good" brands. There are others but I am betting that many out there would choose to go with Alvarion from the start if they had it all to do over again. With that said I will not discount the value I have seen in others out there like Trango, Tranzeo, Waverider, Mikrotik, Star-OS, etc. The trouble is though that it is rare to find one brand with one management interface (All FCC System Certified as well) for all the different platforms you will need as a WISP. With Alvarion (and few if any others) you can literally build your entire network on one trusted platform. I went to an Alvarion sponsored conference on WiMAX triple play offerings in Washington D.C last week. that was very informative but was NOT the reason I said what I did about Alvarion. There was a company who specialized in WISP acquisitions at the WCA show that described the most important factors in determining the value of a company. One of the negatives about WISP operations was generally the frequent use of a "hodge-podge" of different incompatible platforms of radios. They stated this was a very big problem for WISP valuations. They said that using one good brand of radios was a good way to make your system worth its highest value. Just some food for thought here guys. Especially anyone who might have funding but is new to running a WISP. Rolling your own solution is not always the best way to go and can actually hurt your efforts in many cases. Find a good brand and stick to it.

Kurt Fankhauser wrote:

The more you think about it the more you are going to find reasons not
to do it, what you have to do is just jump in and do it. Once you do you
will know what you want to do. Its like sky diving, you have to just
jump into it, if you stand up there and question it you will just freeze
up and not go anywhere.

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What would you suggest? I am afraid of proprietary stuff because I don't know enough industry history to understand the players.

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:
Hiya Jason,

Why not just buy ISP grade product? Then you don't have to worry about all of this.

AND at 2.4 the CLIENT side isn't limited to 36 dB. It starts there with a 30 dB radio with a 6 dB antenna. For every one db of radio tx dB you drop you can go up 3 dB of antenna gain.

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I am at my wits end. I have searched high and low for a mini-pci radio & sector antenna combo for an 802.11b AP that are legal under the current FCC rules, which by my interpretation are:

1. Total output is 36 dbm or less.

2. Antenna characteristics must be the same as an antenna that has been approved for use with that radio, where TYPE refers to antennas with SIMILAR in and out of band radiation patterns.

3. Antenna gain must be equal to or less than the maximum the radio has been approved to work with.

I can NOT find a radio that is approved for any antenna with real gain. I don't want to mind just the SPIRIT of the law, but the law itself. What combos are you other guys who like building your own system. I want to put together a Mikrotik with 3 radios and sectors for an AP.

The sectors I am looking at are:

Antenna                                Gain    Width    Pol
WRW2400-VF/A/H 13dbi 120 H http://www.winncom.com/moreinfo/item/WRW2400-VF/A/H/index.html

DT-AN-24-120H-135        13.5    120    H

DT-AN-24-60120V-1521    15    120    V

HyperGainR HG2417P-120    17dbi    120    V

Teletronics                                19    120    H

Teletronics                                22    140    H

I am sorry if this table doesn't wrap well on some email clients.
I am still looking for a 18 dbi HZ pol antenna with FCC certs because

I think it can be used with a  DT-RWZ-200mW-WC, although it is pcmcia

and I'll have to figure out how to use it with a 500 series RB (Note,

there are foreign antennas that have 18 dbi, but don't come with FCC certs; see my last post). As far as I can tell, the CM9's can't be used anywhere.
Ideally, I would like to use the 22 dbi Teletronics in my application

with a 14dbm radio for the greatest receive gain. Or at least a HZ polarized antenna with decent gain.

Anyway, can someone please help. I appreciate those of you who have helped me to even reach this point.

Jason Wallace
WISP startup

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