We just took the side panels off and got the size of fuel line we needed. We went to Ace Hardware and purchased 4 feet of hose and a connector. We just unhooked the line from the existing tank and hooked it to the line going into the 5 gallon can. We put a couple flat washers on the bottom of the line in the can to keep it on the bottom, dropped the line thru the normal can opening, and then set the can on top of two cinderblocks. Two pulls on the generator (to fill up the line with fuel) and it starts and runs. :)


Mark Nash wrote:
Thanks Travis. I know that the Coleman is not 'computer-friendly' but I haven't had a problem yet with it powering our equipment...just the problem with the UPS. 

How'd you rig you gas can...that IS the big problem with these smaller-wattage generators is the tank size. Got photos?
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Is your generator a "computer friendly" type? We have both a Honda and 
Yamaha 1000 generators that deliver clean power (you can plug 
electronics into them directly without problems). Those will charge the 
UPS. The other thing we did was hook up a 5 gallon gas can with fuel 
line directly to the fuel line on the generator. It was about $10 worth 
of parts (including the 5 gallon can) and the generator will now run for 
24-26 hours straight on 5 gallons of gas.


Mark Nash wrote:

Winds in my area knocked power out early this morning (GEORGE R - 
heard you guys had 100mph gusts on the Oregon coast...how'd it go?).

I power all my WiPOPs with an APC UPS (Smart-UPS 700) and grid power.  
They keep the sites up for 2-3 hours depending on equipment load at 
the site.  I put in a SNMP card (AP9617 - can e-mail upon many 
different UPS events without having a SNMP server).  I get notified 
that the site is on battery power...buys me time to get to the site 
with a generator.

My goal is to have a generator that I can plug the UPS into.  Here's 
the scenario I want:

1: Power out. I get notified that UPS is running on batteries.  Get 
geared up.
2: Hook up generator to UPS.  (here's the important part) BATTERIES 
3: UPS Battery gets fully charged.  I get notified 'fully charged'.
4: Fuel in generator runs out.  I get notified that UPS is running on 
5: Get fuel to site within 1-2 hours & restart generator.  GOTO 3:.

Site never goes down and I don't have to make unnecessary trips 
because I think the generator might be low on fuel.  Last year we had 
power down at a site down for 2.5 weeks.  Problem was that the site 
was a last priority because the problem was past any homes with humans 
in them. Shuttling gas to a generator twice a day for 3 hours of 
driving for 2.5 weeks got very very very old very very very quickly.

I've got a generator now (Coleman 1850W).  Even with the power 
sensitivity level set to low on the UPS's, it they won't run on the 
generator.  So I think I need cleaner power.


(power just came back up to my site...got notified by the UPS...gotta 
go and take the equipment off the generator and plug it into the 
UPS...customers down for 60 seconds while the Trango backhaul boots).

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