Mark Nash wrote:
Winds in my area knocked power out early this morning (GEORGE R - heard you guys had 100mph gusts on the Oregon'd it go?).

Hi Mark

I was waiting for the wind to start. Was supposed to be about 8pm. At 8 pm I was outside looking up and seeing stars and the moon, wondering when is it gonna hit us.

At 12.30 it was a little windy, some gusts, but not like earlier in the week.

I think it was Tuesday night that we got a howling wind storm, probably the worst all season. It knocked out a temp mast I had on my house I was using for testing.

We've had about 6 high wind storms this winter.
It's been the 2nd rainiest winter I can remember since moving to the coast in 90. Usually it's 50's to 60's and sunny in the afternoon most days. This year there has been hardly any sunny days.

Anyways, didn't really have any damage from wind, but the electrical outages have been a pain.


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