You made some very good points, in your response to me, and I do not contradict them.
There is risk in all the things you bring up, when reporting.
Its part of the reason, I didn't file last year.

The difference, is that we are on the opposite side of the coin, when looking at the odds for good or bad commingfrom it.

It is my belief that the odds are higher, that reporting will accomplish more good than harm, after considering everything.

I think part of the problem here, is that it is not eveident to all what the possible benefits are that could come out of reporting. Even if the only benefit was that our large numbers as an industry were recognized, that benefit could be enough alone.

One of the things thats Ironic, is I'm more afraid of other WISPS knowing my true statistics than the FCC or governement, knowing my statistics.

Long term there could be negative effect of reporting, but I'm just trying to get through today. And today, I think we need support, and reporting is likely to gain us more support. Critical legislation is getting considered this year, and we need the support this year, so we need to report this year.

I'm not compelled to report because its the law, I'm compelled to report because I need their support, and we need to let them know we are here. One of the things I learned the passed couple years, is somethings are worth paying for. For example, I've weakened and ponied up to a couple property owners for commssions, which I never would have done 3 years ago, but I was a more profitable company this year because my job was easier and more productive, because I paid them. If the governement gave me moresupport this year, so the ILECS didn't wipe us out with all their proposed legislation this year, it would be worth it in trade to pay a few taxes down the road, ebcause at least I'd be hear to colelct the taxes.

We have got to realize we need the FCC's and governements help to survive long term. Doing it on our own in the shadows will only last so long. Underserved America won't be there forever. What are you going to do, when your local ILEC is given huge funds to build a wireless network to compete against you with USF funds, because the governement won;y consider you as a valid iption to fund, because you didn;t file, and as far as they know you don't exist, by your own choice.

Wireless is about to become a much more political and aware of industry. Its not going to just be our industry anymore. The taxes will come wether we file or not. And they'll find you regardless of wether you file, just like the IRS finds people today. If you advertise, they will find you. And you'll need to advertise togrow. But the FCC isn;t going to go looking for you to help you and give you money, there is no motive to try and help someone that doesn;t cooperate to be helped. BUt believe me, when they want to collect moeny from you, they'll let you know they know you exist.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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I support your view.
We can not assume that the FCC's intent for Wireless is evil, just because
there is huge lobby efforts by our competitors (Cable and Telephone) and
Lots of debate at the FCC to address equality issues regarding VOIP, that
has generated much hippocracy and trouble in the FCC and Governement. For
example, I don't think there is any evidence that gathering Data on WISPs
for the purpose to establish a basis for Taxing.

Tom, you're misunderstanding what people are saying here.   Nowhere have I
said that the present intent is "evil".   The stated goal is PROBABLY what
they say it is.   Assuming the "given" that is what it is, that does NOT
preclude future use for things that will harm us.  It is the NATURE OF
GOVERNMENT REGULATION TO HARM BUSINESS.    They regulate for political
purposes ( Does "We'll give them 911 service" ring any bells?) and we, the
small guys, get whipsawed into bankruptcy.

A database doesn't have to be gathered for the purpose of taxing.   It
merely has to exist, to be USED for taxing, for regulating, for mandates.
Nothing mysterious about that.  And as we can see, mandates arrive without
any public request for them, taxes arrive without ANY recourse or warning.

Intent isn't even an issue.   I don't care what the "intent" is, that is
irrelevant.  It's what it can be used for that matters, because they WILL
use it for that, history has made this as clear as sunrise in the desert.

The support of Wireless has been nothing but possitive from the FCC and
their officials. Even with lacking support for 700Mhz, its not because of
lack of support for WISPs, but because the strength of the counter view
broadcasting industry.  Its important that Wireless provider show proof
they are a large enough size to be considered part of the solution. The
way wireless providers are going to start getting grand money and funds
governements to help them grow, is for them to show their possitive unique
contributions.  The ONLY reason, I could see that reporting would be a
negative thing, is that if most WISPs actually have fewer subscribers than they represent, and they don't want to let the FCC know the truth, because if they do, they won't be recognized adequately because their small scale,
and WISPs do not want to lie and create a record of untruth.

Wrong.   We don't want "The hammer" coming to smash us.   Giving them that
much knowledge is fatal.  period.  Doesn't matter if that's not what they
want it for, doesn't matter if the knowledge itself will "give" us other
things.   They will take far more than they give - that is indisputable.
We have the history of every industry that becomes regulated. Eventually,
it evolves to one or a few monopolies.   And it took how many years of
lawsuits to break up Ma Bell?   Gee, ISP's fought tooth and nail to get
UNE's and then lost it in a court fight.

in my own initiative and creativity, but at the whims of someone I granted
power over me.

Wireless is not a young indistry at this point. It took DSL 5 years to
mass penetration. I personally have been in this industry for 5 years, and
haven;t met mass penetration yet :-)  Why are we growing so slowly.
a small subscriber base, could tell the FCC they need to favor companies
that have quicker growth potential, like the ILECs and Cable companies
are taking on millions of customers. Give them the spectrum to deploy
quicker than small WISPs can do.  Thats my fear.

Then fear away.   Registering WISP's will not affect that future one tiny

But the truth is, if numbers are low, that has to be shown, so we can make
cases to the FCC why the numbers are low, and how they can help us get
the barriers that are slowing us.  Does the FCC realize that Wireless
providers in teh Urban america have such slow growth because lack of
easements? Do Otard rules need to be expanded? Are higher power levels
needed in spectrum, etc.  Manufacturers have to much pull with the FCC,
because they can backup their requests with billions of dollars in sales.
Can we the WISP community?

If the hammer comes to smash us, certainly not.   We won't even exist, and
we, the operators, and our customers, will be the only mourners.

I think we have to try. We need EVERY SINGLE PERSON REPORTING making our
numbers higher.  Because we need to be recognized as a group that NEEDS
assistance, Because we are helping Society today.  IF more people had
reported, maybe we would ahve had more favoratism with the 700Mhz debates?

We might.  But the loss will far outweigh any gains.

North East Oregon Fastnet, LLC 509-593-4061
personal correspondence to:  mark at neofast dot net
sales inquiries to:  purchasing at neofast dot net
Fast Internet, NO WIRES!

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Subject: Re: [WISPA] To Break the Law or Not to Break theLaw...That is

> There is going to have to be a compromise here guys. We will not be
> putting together the composite subscriber data for the FCC. There are > no
> provisions for it. We can ask but then quite frankly I am not too keen
> telling them that most of our members here seem to be reluctant to tell
> them who they are.
> We have to determine how the form has created this belief among you > that > the FCC is going to use it for harm. I want to see real answers here > and
> not just conspiracy theories. If the FCC did not ask for the source of
> information then what would stop us from telling them we had 10 times
> customers than we had? There is no accountability if the data cannot be
> verified. Why is it assumed by all of you that the same organization > who
> created unlicensed spectrum policy is now going to find some way of
> destroying the industry that was created by that policy:?
> Scriv
> Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
>>> Let's just get clear right up front...   It appears you believe that
>>> we
>>> all appear to be good boy scouts and have feel-good politics, we're
>>> likely to get what we want considered.   I disagree.  I dont' think
>>> it'll
>>> get us even 3 seconds reconsideration.   But I do believe if we make
>>> forceful and logical, and well-reasoned arguments, it far outweighs
>>> whether
>>> or not some of us are more than just a little atagonistic toward >>> being
>>> counted, filed, folded, spindled, and reported.
>> If we start rolling over now, they will ask for more and more and
>> more........... If all they want is the number of subs, then lets all
>> turn info into WISPA and WISPA can give the lump number.  Why do they
>> freakin need to know if I wear boxers or briefs?
>> Ever heard of
>> It's time for.......
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