The tag was named, descriptively, for the first application it was
intended for.  The thing about radius attributes, is they are just a
number, and can be used for any purpose, even Hotspot bandwidth
control, which the Hotspot Server recognizes and uses.


On 2/15/06, David E. Smith <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> After a few really trying days in the office, I've got our shiny new
> billing system, with integrated RADIUS and possibly a toaster oven,
> humming along. Now that I've got a fancy computer thingy to keep track of
> customers, I'd like to automate and centralize a few more things in my
> network.
> StarOS supports RADIUS for just about everything, and (at least in a small
> trial of one AP, that's only serving one customer) I can get the AP to
> allow/deny customers access based on their CPE MAC. That's the easy part
> :)
> What would be really swell, though, would be if I could tie customers'
> bandwidth allocations into this as well. Valemount's Web site does have a
> (teensy) RADIUS dictionary, but the bandwidth attributes all have "PPPOE"
> in the name, which at least implies that customer bandwidth can only be
> set if they're using PPPOE.
> I have no pressing desire to replace a few hundred CPEs and routers and
> walk customers through installing PPPOE software and... well, you get the
> idea. (Right now, we're primarily using MAC authentication and setting
> customer bandwidth allocations by hand in each AP, but that means changes
> have to be made at each tower, and having everything centralized would
> just be spiffy, I think.)
> So. Does anyone know whether I can set customer bandwidth allocations with
> StarOS, without switching the whole network to PPPOE?
> David Smith
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