Please point out where I said or even implied that you didn't file. You did, however, suggest we should have a poll to decide whether we should comply with FCC regulations.

I would like to call your attention to one of your posts where you said, "Buy from someone that imports 5.4 moto from overseas and resells." and ask you to explain how you are not suggesting someone break the law by that statement.



PS - Listening is optional, compliance is not.
Have a nice day!

Kurt Fankhauser wrote:


Please point out where I said I don't file. Once you do that I will
listen to what you have to say.

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With all due respect I would like to ask that you not post suggestions that are blatantly against FCC regulations. In both of your messages I included below it appears you are advocating the complete disregarding of FCC regulations. I like to think of the WISPA list as a professional place to come and discuss fixed wireless technology. The last thing we want to do is give the appearance that we do not fully conform to all rules and regulations especially ones mandated by the FCC.

Just my opinion,


On 2/21/2006 Kurt Fankhauser wrote:

Someone needs to start an online poll in which we can go on and anonymously vote on weather we fill this form out or not. Does the FCC

say how many of these forms are being turned in?

On 2/16/2006 Kurt Fankhauser wrote:

Buy from someone that imports 5.4 moto from overseas and resells.



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