If I understand correctly, any WISP with less than 250 customers in a given state does not need to file.

The reporting threshold for broadband reporting is facilities-based firms that provide at least 250 one-way or two-way broadband (in excess of 200 kilobits per second) service lines or wireless channels in a given state, or have at least 250 one-way or two-way broadband customers in a given state.

If so, I don't understand the sense of setting up a threshold like this one.


Bob Moldashel wrote:
On all due respect....It didn't answer the question......


Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

Hi All,

For those that think it's no big deal to not fill this out.....  Please read the note below from Ellen Burton with the FCC.  She's in charge of this form.

Guys, they are making this as easy as they can for us.  I think we have nothing to gain and much to loose by being a PITA.

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See #20 in the set of Form 477 FAQs that's available at

20. Are there penalties for not filing Form 477?

Entities that are required to file Form 477 but fail to do so may be
subject to the enforcement provisions of the Communications Act and any
other applicable law.  In particular, the Commission has authority
pursuant to sections 502 and 503 of the Communications Act to enforce
compliance by fine or forfeiture.

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Hiya Ellen,

Remember when I asked what the penalty is for not filing the 477?  Got
answer for me yet?


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I agree that all should probably file.  I have several partners so I


not the only one to decide so I will leave it at that as it pertains

to my

WISP entity.

BUT.......What is the penalty for not filing????  Does anyone know???


we get an official statement for this situation? Are there fines?
Penalty's?? Do you get a nasty gram??  Do they not send me a xmas card

next year??  What???

It may help bring more compliance or it may result in less filings.
Either way I think the membership should know.

Marlon...How about asking some of your contacts.....


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