Ooops!!!  How could I forget this one...

Must make all amateur radio operations illegal and lock them all up and
confiscate all their equipment!!!

Either that or start suing all the ham radio operators for the suspected
damage they've done to us all, too....

At 10:11 PM 2/23/2006, you wrote:

The thing growing on the side of V''s head is caused by overuse of the
cellular phone.  Sue the cellular phone company.

Everyone else in the civilized world should bring a class action suit
against  all television and radio transmitting staions, police departments,
airports, airlines, phone companies, utility companies, and last/not least
the Department of Defense for invading their personal spaces with omnidirectional
kilowatt/megawatt transmissions of cancer inducing RF/Microwave signals.

First, lets get rid of all doppler weather radars for all television stations. Next,
lets ban the use of radar (weather and navigational) on every vessel operating
on navigable waterways in the United States.....

Just to be sure, lets get those GPS satellites out of space, along with the
Direct TV and Dish Network transmitters in space blanketing us with this
evil cancer causing death ray...

Just to be sure, we had better do away with other such evil-doers of the world
such as Citizens Band Radio, 800MHz trunking radio, all cellular telephone
services (digital and analog), 2-way pagers, 900M/2.4G/5.8G phones, wireless
stereo speakers, baby monitors, wireless stereo headphones,

I consider myself to have a little common sense..... If I accept the theory that WiFi is a danger to the public health, then I have no other choice than to banish
the FCC and make all RF transmission illegal.

How much money would we get back on our taxes next year if the FCC were
abolished and everyone in the FCC were laid off?

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