contact the dsl loop provider. in some states, like CO, you need an ATM connection to the Qwest cloud, with specific ATM features - and then its pretty simple. you pay per loop, Qwest sends the ATM cells over to you on a specific virtual path (vpi,vci) -- you provide the IP services to the customer. You'll need to check for a wholesaler that has DSL loops available in the Central Offices serving the areas you are interested in. They'll tell you what deal they have. Occasionally (like with Qwest) you can sell your IP access over their ATM network, and/or you can sell their IP over the DSL.

Things are changing rapidly however. Some LECs are pulling their DSL facilities out of wholesale, disallowing ISPs to use the DSL/copper. You've probably heard from the government - bigger is better, the LECs aren't monopolies, and if they are, its really a good thing. ;-) off my soap box now...

Good luck. If you find a stable DSL provider, see if you can't use DSL loops (very cheap) to extend your APs to areas you might serve. Be advised there are several national DSL providers - most of which suck in my opinion, and you'll need to actually test the performance of their product. We've seen DSL sold to us as 1.5 megabit that rarely reached 768K and the jerks were charging a huge premium. If you need their name, contact me offline.

My experience with Qwest has been surprisingly good, on the other hand.

Rick Smith wrote:

How does a WISP go about adding DSL resale to its list of services.

I'd like to resell some DSL access to places we can't provide wireless.

Need to deal with Sprint Local in Sussex / Warren Counties, VCerizon in Morris County, and Warwick Valley Telephone in upper Sussex County, NJ and Orange County, NY.

If anyone has any contacts in Verizon for starters, please let me know how you got started reselling DSL...


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