Quoting Tom:

"What often happens, is technical people
make these beautiful products from a technical point of view, but they are
worthless because they don't solve the problems that need to be solved for
its applications, which were the reasons for originally developing the

        Man have you hot the nail on the head!  Motorola is a company that gets
caught in this all the time. I can't tell you how many times over the years
I went to product introduction seminars as a 2 way radio dealer and the lead
engineer would be touting all the cool wiz bang features of the new radio.
It would always happen where a dealer would stand up and ask "does the radio
still do XYZ?" They would get a glassy eyed stare and say "no, that is old
technology and we did not include it in this model" The follow up statement
from the dealer would be " do you realize that 80% of our customer base
still uses this technology, what do we tell them?" and the engineer would
say " They will need to upgrade to the new technology". My take on this was
that they spent so much time patting themselves on the back in the lab with
their new toys that they never researched what the customer wanted and
needed to solve their communication problem. Typical Motorola attitude, they
will tell the customer what they need or what they will be
getting.......They still have not learned this lesson...........which is too
bad because they do have the ability to make great products and great


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