Tom, IMHO mesh is great for lighting up downtown and city parks etc. but it
has yet to prove itself in a large deployment with 1,000's of customers or
1,000's of nodes deployed. I too have first hand experience backhauling
several mesh projects and the mesh edge so far has not been easy at all.
Here in Northeast USA 15 mesh nodes per square miles doesn't even come close
to what's needed. I've also found that implementing mesh in major metro
areas, where there are already 1,000's of wifi access points, shrinks
coverage models and can turn a well intentioned response to an RFP
laughable. I believe Philadelphia projects 70k users in 5 years on 3900 mesh
nodes backhauled by Canopy. We'll see.

I'd love to see a comparison of our BreezeAccess VL with one mile centers
and our high powered DS11 on the edge in Anytown USA vs mesh. I'm working on
a few of my guys to do such a test so stay tuned. 

What it comes down to is the fact that Matt may have just the right terrain
and noise floor without the traffic that some of these larger projects will
get hammered with so it works for his company. Mesh is a tool for a certain
job just like other gear. But I don't believe mesh should be construed as
broadband for the masses in any major metro area. Brad 

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I think you are misinterpretting my comments. Don't read more in to them 
than are there.
I am in no way attacking the validity of your experience or comments. I'm 
simply asking for more detail, so that I can learn from your experience.

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