When a dropping the pigtail off the desk breaks the connection to the N-Femail connector, that is just not acceptable.

SWR should be low if loss is low, but, I have a pigtail here that is asymmetrical.... more loss on tx than on rx. In my experience, at lower frequencies, that is a symptom of an swr problem. I'm not sure about at microwave frequencies, but I would assume that swr works the same there....

Pricing? I'm not good at that, but, say a 50% premium over standard units? I'd pay that just to stop hand sorting them.....

But, one thing here.... If these are to be advertised and sold as 100% tested and certified, they had better be that. The first bad one a customer gets will really mess up the marketing.....

Consistently is a major issue. It would be nice to know that the pigtail will insert no more than say .75db of loss.... or, each pigtail is labeled with it's tested loss.

Jack Unger wrote:


So it sounds like you would like

1. Consistent, low-loss
2. Connectors that don't pull off easily (although tiny connectors are always going to be easy to damage) 3. Low SWR (if the loss is low, that already confirms that the SWR is low)

How should these be priced compared to non-certified cables?


Blair Davis wrote:


For myself, loss, physical integrity and possibly swr.

Others might have other things to add.

My own testing here with a repeatable lash up of my own devising has shown some pigtails being 12db!!!!! down from apparently identical pigtails..... While I can not be sure of the absolute loss in db with my test rig, unit-to-unit variance should not be over 1db, IMHO.

Jack Unger wrote:

Hey Blair,

You've given me an idea or two -

1. Maybe I could find a cable vendor who will sell pre-certified 5.8 GHz pigtails.

2. Maybe I should offer to sell certified 5.8 cables myself.

What qualities would you want tested and certified - just dB loss?

How much do you think the industry would be willing to pay for a tested and certified 5.8 GHz pigtail compared to the cost of non-certified pigtails?


Blair Davis wrote:

After discovering a >5db variance in the pigtails I have when tested at 5.8GHz, I am looking for a source of pigtails that are 100% tested and certified at 5.8GHz.

I need mmcx to N-Female and u.fl to N-Female. 6-12 inch lengths will be fine.
Any recommendations?

PS: This pigtail problem is why my further report on 5.8GHz performance is being delayed......

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