That whole FCC E-911 thing was to save the PSTN. Cell phones have been around 10 years without 911.

The other VOIP concern are the Virtual NXX cases at the FCC.
If SBC wins it's virtual NXX case against Valor (?? maybe another company), the charges for DID will go through the roof.

Virtual NXX is how you are able to have a number outside your rate center.


Brian Webster wrote:

I might be inclined to say it may be a loser in the future. I just read an 
article in a Telco trade magazine that announced a software package that can 
sniff SIP packets and give real time information for billing based on an IBM 
server. In that same article they talked about how they could limit or stop any 
SIP traffic from any provider if they wanted, but the thing that caught my eye 
was how they mentioned they could tell things like termination points and 
delivery charges. This is just like the current Telco model. If they start 
pushing VOIP to a typical Telco model (and they should from their point of view 
to level the playing field and raise the cost of doing VOIP) then the 
regulatory and call delivery costs will go up and the cost benefit starts to go 
down. It is an interesting point of view and worth keeping an eye on. The way 
they were able to shove the 911 thing down the VOIP operators throats in such 
short order makes me wonder if they won't do the same thing with termination 
charges based on IP and packets like they do with copper now.

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