I understand your pain.

Can't tell you how many times over the years I've wanted to take a vendor etc to task on the list publicly. Even did it a couple times myself. Bet most others have had the same thoughts.

One thing that I can tell you is, it does not do "you" any good after a while, there are lots of people who will have the opposite opinion and then it gets into a flame war and the attitudes pop up.

Just think back to other people and their gripes with vendors or manufacturers and see what a nightmare it was for all.

I personally feel that you should be able to "discuss" situations like yours, but we have to be careful not to beat it to death and piss a whole lot of people off who don't want to get involved or hear any more.

So there is limit to how far you can post without crossing the line.
I'd say one post to get it off your chest, maybe a 2nd to clear something up. But the 3rd post has to be the last post.

Here on the WISPA list, something that I appreciate is that the vast majority of the post to the list are very positive and hardly ever is it a flame war.

We really don't want negativity on the WISPA lists it turns people off and doesn't help.

Hope this helps


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
I'm actually thinking about it.
But you know how hard it is just to be a WISP. Let alone getting screwed by vendors. I'll drop the topic. But the public DID need to know. Now they do. I'm done. Bye.

Rick Harnish wrote:


I will have to agree with Bob.  This is not a court of law.  WISPA has no
interest in the trying of vendors on this list.  This is a group of your
peers and WISP-Router is not going to defend themselves in this forum.
Therefore, please take this to an attorney and pursue your claims in a legal and appropriate manner. Rick Harnish
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My Opinion....

FYI....This is not appropriate list traffic. This post does absolutely nothing for the promotion of WISPA.


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

My opinion.
FYI   For those of you who remember this......
I am still fighting them. They disputed my dispute. LOL Who do they think they are to take my money and not send the product? Anyway, I will not give up on this. They will learn it's not ok to steal.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Anyone ever have trouble with them. FYI They just informed me it is my fault they didn't ship me out what I paid for. I've never done anything with Mikrotik. I ordered what a friend told me to, I don't know what anything looks like, I assumed when I looked in the box it was all there. Well, I have Butch lined up an am ready to use it and...imagine that, I'm missing parts. Maybe I didn't call within the first 7 days. Who gives a fart! Be warned. I just got screwed. Credit card dispute to the rescue again. Ahh, this just pisses me off. I should get what I paid for. I don't lie. I know I didn't get the part. Speaking of not getting it. Don't these people know the customer (ME) is always right? I can't get away with this crap with my subs, that's for sure. Just so ya'll know, when I first called, the guy I talked to said it looked like it might not have been shipped. They would look into is and call me back. I was happy and thinking how I would post to the list and say how fast they helped me and solved my problem. Nope. Not today. I
was promptly called back and blamed for their poor quality control.

Also, where can I order a RB564 Daughterboard to replace the one the "ups guy must have stole"? Not wisp-router. Need it overnight.

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