If someone wants to list out everything they want included, I can give you actual numbers for a "cost per customer" for those items. We don't normally compute that, but rather take a much more detailed view or a much more general view, depending on what we want to know.


George wrote:

You need more customers!

That should lower your cost per customer.


Mark Nash wrote:

My partner has done some quick analysis at COST PER CUSTOMER. This does not include CPE hardware or one-time purchases...just monthly expenses that must be covered by revenue from our customers. Items like fuel, insurance, tower
leases, bandwidth, billing & administration, support costs, cell phones,
etc.  He came up with about $37 COST per subscriber.

I'm not really interested in how much we charge at this point...just coming
up with a valid calculation of COST.

Does $37 per subscriber seem right? I think it's high (I've only given it
about 15 minutes worth of thought).

This is something, of course, that everyone should be looking at, so I think
some discussion would be helpful.

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