I can't see how having a QOS switch could hurt...with VOIP, QOS in as many places
as possible can only help...

Paul Hendry wrote:

Is the switch likely to be the bottle neck in your network? Surely you want
QoS enabled routers where bandwidth isn't plentiful.

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Thanks matt and larry.
I have a 2512 procurve that we like and a Dell switch as well.

Who makes the Dell switches for Dell?

Guess what I really want is to make sure that those little voice packets get the priority :)


Matt Liotta wrote:
We've found that you don't really need a QoS capable switch. What is more important is for the appropriate COS and TOS bits to be set by the VoIP device(s) in question and have a switch capable of "doing the right thing" with those packets. Every enterprise grade switch we have looked at seems to do the right thing when the bits are set. We've been happy with Dell switchs for example.


George Rogato wrote:

I need a recommendation for a 12 port switch that handles a high amount of packet per second and has qos for voip.
Cost isn't an issue.

Anyone have a suggestion?


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