I hope so. However, I am running out of time. Let me give you a little background.

I have a 2.4GHz system running that covers most of my county. It is a mixture of 802.11 and TurboCell. The TurboCell provides back haul and service for long range clients, (>3 miles), or for NLoS clients at short range. I use the 802.11 for short range, LoS clients (<3 miles). This has worked well for us in the past, but, the increasing bandwidth demands are overloading our TurboCell back hauls, increasing noise levels are decreasing the usable range of our 802.11 AP's, (in one area we no longer deploy 802.11 CPE's at all, just TurboCell).

I am now deploying a 5.8GHz Netstream system to replace my TurboCell back hauls. I am also looking into polled systems on 2.4GHz to replace my TurboCell CPE's and AP's. Netstream is my most likely choice here as well, but I am open to other polled systems on 2.4GHz as well.

I have one PtP link using TurboCell with RF Linx 915UDC units to get thru a severe NLoS for a single user. This was a very expensive deployment and the average customer would not pay for it. I tested several 900MHz systems and found them wanting before settling on the RF Linx UDC's..

I now have several subdivisions, heavily tree infested, that want service. They will not accept large towers and antennas on each home, but they will accept a single large tower to serve the entire subdivision, so a 900MHz or less system for local distribution is the only reasonable option I can come up with. None of the existing 900MHz systems I have looked at will both provide 360deg coverage and adequate tree penetration using a single AP, and I can not justify 6 60deg AP's for a subdivision that might have 20 sign-ups total. Netstream using SR9 cards seems tailor made for this.

Based on the expected ship dates for the SR9, I was expecting to begin testing the SR9/Netstream system in the next week or so and begin deployment by the end of this month. Now, it looks like I won't even be able to start testing until the end of May. Even getting a pair of the cards to begin testing with would ease my pain and that of the eagerly waiting customers....

I am really getting up against the wall here. My time is running out and I must find my answer soon.



We have received samples and the cards are working well, UB wanted to make
sure these radios are 100% before releasing 900Mhz is much more difficult
then 2.4 or even 5Ghz. It will be worth the wait.

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It seems that the delivery date on the SR9 cards from Ubiquiti Networks is
now the 2nd week of May....

It was first of the year, then March, then April, now May....

Can you say 'vaporware'?

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