The best at any price doesn't seem to fit here. You only choose a commodity router to save money. I don't know anything about Imagestream specifically, but I certainly looked into Linux-based routers. In fact, we even ran Linux-based routers initially before going Cisco. We didn't blindly go with Cisco like many companies either. We looked long and hard at what every major vendor had to offer and ultimately went with Cisco. Certainly there aren't any Linux-based routers that out perform high-end Cisco routers, but that wasn't the most important part. The ability to support features such as MPLS, find labor resources familiar with Cisco, and ultimately being able to finance the gear make Cisco the clear choice.


John Scrivner wrote:

Sorry to answer my own post but I should also mention that if I ever have a larger enterprise client (like a college, hospital, etc.) that needs a bullet-proof routing solution I will likely sell them Imagestream. My next big router for my core will be an Imagestream. Everyone I speak to about them say they are the best out there at any price.

John Scrivner wrote:

We have good luck with Linksys. If the customer is a larger business client or someone who needs higher reliability and better features we often load up Mikrotik on a Routerboard or WRAP board.

Bo Hamilton wrote:

Wondering what routers are all of you using at client installs? What are the most reliable and so on? thanks in advance! Bo

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