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On 4/4/06, Blair Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
All of our system routers are MikroTik OS on PC hardware.  As well as our T1 interfaces.

We are rapidly moving to deploying a small MikroTik at our towers as well.

As to customer routers, we tend to use Netgear.  But, if the customer provides another unit, we will set that up for them.

David E. Smith wrote:
On Tue, April 4, 2006 12:24 pm, John Scrivner wrote:
Sorry to answer my own post but I should also mention that if I ever
have a larger enterprise client (like a college, hospital, etc.) that
needs a bullet-proof routing solution I will likely sell them
Imagestream. My next big router for my core will be an Imagestream.
Everyone I speak to about them say they are the best out there at any
Obviously, it depends on the customer. Chances are, anyone THAT big will
have their own in-house IT staff, and will want to do things their own
way. Chances are that means Cisco gear. If they want to pay for it, I can
probably make it work...

It'd have to be an awfully big customer to justify even an Imagestream,
though, much less a Cisco. WRAPs and RouterBoard 200s can reliably handle
traffic up to 15Mbps or so, and probably even more if the board is "just"
routing (i.e. you're not also using it with a radio card to connect to
something else). Plus, if you get those sekzi finished WRAP cases that Eje
sells, it just looks so darn cool. If you were so inclined, you could
probably make little stickers that say "Cisco PIX", put one on the case,
and most customers would be none the wiser. It's about the same size and
everything... :)

Heck, this email comes to you by way of an old Celeron 1.3GHz PC that's
routing our whole network, over 25Mbps at peak times, that never goes over
about 10% CPU utilization, running Mikrotik RouterOS. If it's good enough
for WISPA, it's probably good enough for most of your customers.

I'd love to have a Cisco in that role, but the only real differences would

* Access to Cisco TAC for support
* Paying about ten times the cost

The money I save will buy me a LOT of mailing lists and forums posts if I
ever need help. :)

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