I didn't mean to imply that I am waiting on the technology. We use Orthogon today, which provides us all the capabilities of WiMAX and then some. However, the price point simply doesn't compete with Canopy for last mile use, which is why we continue to use it. We are waiting on the capabilities at a price point similar to Canopy. None of the WiMAX vendors offer that today and I don't see how selling millions of 3.5Ghz radios is going to help the situation in the US.


Steve Stroh wrote:


The "capabilities" of WiMAX ALREADY exist in the proprietary products of Alvarion, Redline, Aperto Networks, etc. WiMAX is a standardization of the lowest-common-denominator of those capabilities, with certified interoperability.

If you've waited this long for "WiMAX" capabilities, and don't care about interoperability... you've waited several years longer than you needed to.



On Apr 5, 2006, at 09:02, Matt Liotta wrote:

The entire point of WiMAX may be interoperability, but from a fixed wireless standpoint interoperability is meaningless. When and if mobile WiMAX becomes interesting interoperability will be important. Until then there is no need for it in a fixed wireless network, so the certification badge isn't desirable. What is desirable is the capabilities of the radios. We certainly want to see 802.16-based radios in 5.8Ghz.



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