I was afraid I sounded like a newbie... Anyway, I've had the radios on different channels and the same ones; would this effect the signal strength or the s/n ratio? Signal strength is where the problem is. Also I wasn't worried that the coax or antennas were damaged, the radio itself was my worry . I tried both polarities on the antenna I was testing with.

David E. Smith wrote:
Jason wrote:

    I have a difficult question for the list.  I was testing my 1st
routerboard/mikrotik ap this evening with terrible results.  Let me give
you the rundown of what I have and what has happened.

[ snip: a fairly typical kinda setup ]

Forgive me for going through all the really obvious newbie stuff, but the
sooner we can rule it out, the sooner we can get to the juicy stuff. :)

Are the three APs on the same channel, or three different channels? And
are they using the same SSID or different ones? Also, did you make sure
your rootenna was correctly polarized to point to the AP?

One other thing which might be the cause is that while I was setting up
the mikrotik/routerboard I activated the 3 cm9 radios not realizing that
they were set for the 5 Ghz band.  They were probably like that for an
hour until I got to that part of the setup.  Perhaps something is wrong
now or are the cm9's forgiving?

That shouldn't be a problem. The CM9 will change over to the new frequency
pretty much immediately, and I can't imagine how running the AP on the
wrong channel would have damaged the coax run or the antenna. (Not saying
it's impossible, just very unlikely IMO.)

David Smith
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