The key to growth in business is hiring the right people.
You can successfully run more than one business at the same time with capable employees - as well as processes, procedures and controls in place. (This is the key to franchising and the E-Myth, btw).

Three problems:
1) Finding the right people
2) Having the processes in place
3) Letting go.



Tom DeReggi wrote:


I'm sure you'd do well at anything you put your mind to, and I'm sure you are capable.
However, the only advice I can give is...

The key to success is finding the time to manage your company. The only real person that can be trusted to do that well are the people that have stake in that compnay. In my company's case its me personally. There is only so much time in the day. A business owner needs to decide what business they want to be in, and then focus on that venture, its all one mortal human can handle in a competitive environment and succeed. A CALL CENTER is a Full time business, just like your WISP. Helping your WISP clients, means staff is not available to help Call Center clients at the same time, and vice versa. These problems go away, when both companies scale large enough to have their own staff. However, getting a company to that stage, of self operating, is where most business owners fail, its not easy. You are no longer able to pick up the slack on your own. Franchises often make it. But getting two businesses to that stage simultaneously is near impossible. So should your perogative to be a Call Center, go for it, thats what the American Dream is all about, you have just a good a chance as any one else. There is also a big need for a call center, where the owner has real world WISP experience to add credability to supporting WISPs. But to do a good job at a call center, be realistic that your WISP surely would sacrify to allow it to happen.

Which business do you want to be in? Personally, its a struggle I face regularly. (WISP, Network integrator, Hardware reseller, router manufacturer, Software developer). Opportunity is on every corner, but you can't do it all well, which do you take? A WISP clearly is NOT the least risky of all the options out there. However, I chose to be a WISP. I am banking on reoccuring revenue, one day without requiring reoccuring work to match, and realistic about the fact I hate to be caught behind a desk 24x7.

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