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Hi Charles,


You must be talking about our new guy in the South Central, Bob Niemen (aka Dustin Hoffman's body double!). Don't look for connections that don't necessarily exist. North America (Alvarion, Inc.) has never lost its interest in the UL market. Remember, that in general the UL market contributes historically about 50% of our global revenue. When something accounts for about $100M, one always pays attention.


My re-joining here is just a natural thing. I have a new hire that started today that takes off lots of the more traditional marcom work. I intended to get back to more direct market connections once he came on board. Second, both Brad and Ed are on this list for us, and they mentioned that it would be useful if I were back on. As well and maybe most importantly, Scriv let me know the other day that he bought some VL after all these years so I consider this somewhat of a show of support and appreciation.


Bob's comments actually refer to our greater attention to the VAR channel. It had been neglected in some regions. We now have a resident body living in every region and all are pros that understand this is a very high touch business....and that is especially true of the UL market.





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Hi Patrick,


I had an interesting discussion with an Alvarion rep at WiNOG who implied that Alvarion is reevaluating its position towards and is showing greater interest again in the license-exempt service provider market


This confirms that rumor =)


Good to see you back





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Hi all,


I just wanted to drop you guys a note that I have re-subscribed after being off the list for maybe two years. Hope all is well.


Patrick Leary

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