I wish I had the foundation ( $ ) to do so. I have one in my back yard that  
is for sale right now. 1000 sq. miles of coverage, but it isn't cheap and the  
owner already wants way more than what its worth. It has to be rebuilt/ 
updated  with some modern equipment and he has a weird/ varied customer base.   
Anyone wannabe my partner or donate to the newly founded buy Mike a WISP  
fund???? LOL
Thanks for the best wishes, if you hear of anything or anyone feel free to  
pass my name and contact info on. The work doesn't necessarily need to be  full 
time. I am willing to work on a part time or project to project basis for  
anyone in the country that needs help with their network as long as they are  
willing to cover my expenses my fees are negotiable. If not I charge  industry 
standard pricing.
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