I know this would be a bunch of work but can you either send us some screen shots of this in action or possibly give a public address to the hotspot side so we can see what this feature looks like in action? I would really like to see the ad feature running and I am having trouble visualizing exactly what it is doing.
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Paul Hendry wrote:

Aha, now I see it. Never use Winbox so missed the option but now see it on
the CLI too. Are there issues with this and pop-up blockers at all?

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I have recently been playing with the Hotspot side of Mikrotik which seems
to work well. I had a look through the manual which suggests you should be
able to re-direct people every now and again to advertisements but it
doesn't actually explain how this is done. It looks to be done through the
transparent proxy. Anyone tried this?

Yes, it works with the transparent proxy.

Just go to 'IP > HotSpot > User > Profiles > Profile Name >Advertise' in

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