Is it possible to use this with transparent proxy without the hotspot? This
would be a neat 'payment reminder' to those past due accounts by redirecting
them to a 'please pay your bill' page every x-hours. We don't use hotspot
but do use the transparent proxy.


> > I have recently been playing with the Hotspot side of Mikrotik which
> seems
> > to work well. I had a look through the manual which suggests you should
> be
> > able to re-direct people every now and again to advertisements but it
> > doesn't actually explain how this is done. It looks to be done through
> the
> > transparent proxy. Anyone tried this?
> Yes, it works with the transparent proxy.
> Just go to 'IP > HotSpot > User > Profiles > Profile Name >Advertise' in
> Winbox.
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