First of all we should all understand that USF is not going anywhere. Our nation’s telecommunications network is too important. Second with the above understanding we should try and push the legislation to account for the work we as WISP's are doing and allow us to contribute and receive funding from USF.

I reed an article about some proposed legislation that uses a reverse auction style for USF funding. This would allow for the most efficient network to receive the appropriate funding. We can in almost all cases implement the same or better network for less then an established Telco. Thus this legislation would give us the trim and fit organizations a competitive edge.

ABOVE ALL we need to be included in the new legislator. It should not be technology dependent but results dependent.

One thing to realize if this does happen that likely every Telco out there would start using wireless equipment to stay competitive and all the effects of that must be understood.

Anthony Will
Broadband Solutions

Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

I talked (personally, not as WISPA) with the commerce committee co-chair's staff person on USF today.

What it LOOKED like was said in the conference hearing I saw (and she agreed that it sounded this way) was that USF had paid for the laptops. What really happened was that USF paid for other things allowing the school system to buy the laptops themselves.

In my mind this is a matter of semantics as it means that there wasn't as much money needed in the first place.....

We had a really good talk. She said that in about two weeks they'll be working more in earnest on the issue. Coming up with more specific proposals for people to talk about.

On the white spaces issue. We talked about the ideas in our position paper. She didn't think that the idea that all TV spectrum should be open would fly. But did like the idea of using smart radios and allowing use now not after the DTV transition. She also seemed to understand the need for sub gig spectrum at higher power levels.

We'll see where it all goes.

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Hey Marlon,

I like your point about the laptops, we really need to check and make sure it's outside of the USF charter. I think we definitely need more stories of
how USF is not bringing tangible results to communities, where WISPS are
delivering service to those communities self funded.


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Here's what I wrote up on USF. Several felt it's got some errors that need

Feel free to fix this, toss it and start over. Anything at all.

But right now, officially, we're doing NOTHING. And that must change guys.
Someone needs to come up with a position paper for WISPA to work from.
Right now I've got some access to some in congress and I think we should
work with that!

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Marlon has been asking us for a while to give him feedback on Universal
Service. We have not helped him as much as we should have. He asked for
input from the WISPA membership originally. I am asking everyone, members
or not, if you can help. Marlon has been asked by a member of the House
Commerce Committee (One of his Reps in Washington) to help them structure
legislation toward the re-working on the Universal Service Program.
Thoughts on the Hill are now leaning toward making it available to
multiple operators in a market and opening it to aid in broadband as well
as telco.

The feeling from most WISPs is two things to date. Most think the
government should make Universal Service just go away. I share some of
that feeling myself. What should be known though is that government rarely

makes things go away. They usually want a role. With that said we need to give them ideas on how to make this program help us in our goal to bring
broadband into underserved and/or unserved areas.

To do this we need to understand what the program does, what was its
history, how it works and how it does not work. We need to develop a
strong strategy for dealing with Universal Service and offer a position
that legislators can feel good about and that helps show we are serious
about helping in legislative issues. I welcome feedback from anyone with information which can help us develop this position. We need to act soon as the legislature is wanting to do something now. Please help us mold our

future through this important effort. Your thoughts and knowledge are

Input from anyone with knowledge of Universal Service would be helpful at
this time. What we do not need is an argument that we should just tell
them to make it go away. We know that is what many of you want. In lieu of

it going away we need to know how it can be made to help us.
Thank you,
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