Arin isnt an option I don't think because these guys arent multi-homed yet.



On 4/25/06 9:35 AM, "David E. Smith" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Tue, April 25, 2006 11:26 am, Jeffrey Thomas wrote:
>> I was wondering if anyone knew of companies that lease class C's to small
>> ISP's looking for the ablity to announce the leased IP classes as their
>> own
>> As to avoid being locked in to a specific provider. Please let me know
>> If you know of anyone.
> I can't think of anyone that does that, mostly because it'd be a pain in
> the ass to get those IPs routed properly. There are just too many BGP
> speakers out there that don't properly handle un-aggregated BGP
> announcements, and do other silly things.
> Your best bet, if you're big enough, is to get a direct allocation from
> ARIN (assuming you're in the United States or Canadia). If you're
> multihomed, like you probably should be :D you can get allocations as long
> as a /22 (four class Cs). If not, I think the minimum allocation is a /20
> (sixteen class Cs).
> David Smith

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