Oh gosh, not Star-OS! Sorry, think about this for a second, why do you think Travis is selling it! :-) PS sorry Travis

To answer #3, canopy will win, like or not. Get a consultant to talk with for a couple hours, could be the best money you ever spent...

Jon Langeler
Michwave Tech.


Hey Guys;

I'm planning to use a Valemount Star OS type system in my WISP start up, and have just a few questions:

My network design uses a Cisco 1750 router, Cisco 2950 switch to plug up to 4 base radio's into (Whoa ...16 antennas), Radius server, Sniffer, and a www server for my Intranet portal, Does this seem reasonable?

1 - Do I have to license each CPE , (That $40 thing)

2 - If I use the 4 radio system, do I have to populate each slot.

3 - With this system I'm delighted to say that I get 11 channels, and I want to know how it will do against Canopy.

A - Interference wise, will I hurt a canopy system or will it hurt me?

      B - Will a canopy system be more or less expensive

C - Is it just me or do those canopy systems look like l arge plastic twinkies.

4 - When Valemont ships me a CPE , will it be ready to go or do I have some work to do.

5 - Have they been known to ship in lots smaller than 10, or could some one sell me a couple at first to make a demo unit.

6 - How many customers per square mile given $300 install fee, $40/month, and 256KB bandwidth?


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