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We don't bill the customer for "Internet Service" at all - We give the "access" away to them. WildBlue does have reseller / installer programs. What we charge is for a "response time" to handle their needs in the event something burns up / gets zapped / gets moved, etc.
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So all the accounts are setup under your name and then you just bill the customer whatever price?

Do you know if they have a reseller option or any information about it?


JohnnyO wrote:
We're seeing 1.5mbps / 220kbps pretty consistently. We've been able to
run VPNs and terminal services over it reliably. Latency is consistent
around 500ms-700ms. Much better then DirecWay.

How much are we making off of it ? Well - Not much at all from the
"service" but we're selling an SLA to the oilfield companies that we
service with these systems. Our mark-up is approx 5x-7x what the monthly
service costs us but we'll have someone on-site within 6hours if
something goes south.

Not sure if you could use the same selling point we can, but oilfield
companies love to be catered to.


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Hey Johnny

Whats the speeds and latency up and down?
How much do you get to make on it?


JohnnyO wrote:
We've installed 9 Wild Blue systems so far here in South Louisiana / 
Mississippi / Alabama / Texas areas and have had great success with 
them. WildBlue will be sending up another bird soon to increase 
capacity and add features. Compared to all the other satellite systems

we've dealt with, WildBlue hands down wins.


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To fill in on rural gaps, AT&T is selling Wildblue satellite internet
service under its own brand.


The company already has been trying fixed wireless broadband in 
Georgia and New Jersey. One of the technologies mentioned by AT&T as 
part of the trials is WiMax, which is similar to the Wi-Fi technology 
that underlies Internet "hot spots," but offers greater range and
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