Lonnie Nunweiler wrote:
> Any confirmation on this?  A customer router plugged in with LAN to
> the WAN or not getting a DHCP entry or even a DNS entry has caused
> many bridges to collapse and appear as if it is noise, simply because
> the bridges are all echoing the massive broadcast traffic.
There's no DHCP anywhere on the network, and the DHCP UDP ports are
filtered out at every POP, so that specifically is a bad example. :)

Sorry for not getting back to this, we've had massive weirdness on our
dialup gear too (mostly related to moving it).

Yes, our network is part bridged/part routed.

I'm pretty sure it's a real RF problem, because we pulled out the
Bumblebee and my field guy said he saw crazy mad noise all across the
2.4 spectrum a couple days ago, when we were having this weird hiccup.
(And another local WISP operator reportedly has had similar issues,
though I didn't talk to him personally; that's the boss' department.)

We'll probably just have to use some old-school triangulation and such
to find out where it is, if it's something we even can find. For
instance, today was a cool and cloudy day, and this problem didn't show
up all day. Thus, I blame sunspots. :D

(Honestly, I'm stumped, but at least we're now reasonably certain it's a
real RF issue.)

If/when we sort it out, I'll report back.

David Smith
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