Jeez, I carry way more than that.  just a few quick things I am thinking of,

hard hat
tree nippers
hand tree saw
dish arm mounts
ground rods
ground wire
extension cord
wireless routers
surge power strips
ratcheting end wrenches
1/4 and 3/8 socket sets
dust pan and brush
key hole saw
1 1/4 and 1 1/2 10 foot masts
vice grips (2 sizes)
channel locks
crescent wrench (2 sizes)
regular drill index
18 inch drill bit (2 sizes)
site survey pole
200 foot cat 5 on spool for site surveys
little giant ladder
bungee straps (6)
300 feet rope
super 33+
zip ties

and there is a lot more too........

Travis Johnson wrote:
I dunno, I carry way more, but those are a few things I thought of.


We recently just upgraded our entire fleet... purchased brand new Chevy 4x4 trucks with automatic, air, cruise. We then installed 3 tool boxes in each truck bed and a single ladder rack. The trucks get 15mpg and are great in the snow. We also now have a "fixed" expense on the trucks, having them under warranty and not having any down-time due to vehicles being in the shop.

Each truck carries the following items:
26ft extension ladder
12ft ladder
socket set
cordless drill, regular hammer drill
power inverter
lag screws, J-mounts, staple gun, silicone, etc.
(2) of every kind of radio (900mhz, 2.4ghz, 5.3ghz, 5.8ghz)
box of cable
tripod and a couple 10ft poles
battery pack for signal tests
laptop with GPS

That's about it. We also have a "backup" Chevy Astro AWD van that we used to use... and everything fit perfectly inside that as well.


Tom DeReggi wrote:

I don't know guys... Whats more costly, GAS or TECHNICIAN's Time?
Let expand that more.... What is the real cost of technician's time. Lost technician time is really lost revenue. That technican is required to generate revenues which are mutiples of his direct income/cost. To cover the various overheads of the company. The problem can't just be solved by hiring more techs, every tech needs to be managed, sales generated for him, etc.

A trip to DC and Back from offices. 1.5 hours (60 miles round trip)
Tech time cost @ $20 per hour = $30. ($15 per hour + factoring in Taxes, Benefits, Paid Holidays and such)
Gas Cost @ 10 miles per gallon, @ $3 per gallon = $18.

So in conclusion, technician time is almost twice as costly as gas.

So the big question is, whats required to optimize a technician's time? How much more efficiency can be acheived by being more organized? What allows better organization? Do you buy the 8 mpg commercial size VAN to gain more room, or the smaller 20 mpg Station wagon / Family VAN ?

I chose the Family VAN 5 years ago, and bought two of them. How much space do you really need? Well I pay the consequences daily. I am confident that I am loosing because of that decission. There is just not enough room in that VAN. My techs spend more time cleaning their Vans than they do doing installs, and they are still Pig Steyes. I NEED A BIGGER VAN! Or I need a more organized way of using it. I started to make a list of all the components that we needed in the VAN, the list was getting so large, I ran out of paper. Is it management or space?

Those that support the idea that a smaller vehichle is acceptable, I'd be interested in hearing what you carry with you, and what product you chose to do with out. I just haven't found a way to make it all fit.

Get answers at this years ISPCON. #A8
Truck Roll Tricks: Installations that Maximize Time and Money

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
IntAirNet- Fixed Wireless Broadband

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Hey, leave my Taurus wagon alone. I would like to go back to an AWD Astro/Safari, but the cost of gas is the problem, but the height, the space and the AWD makes all the difference. the difference in mileage between the two is double. $25.00CDN and $45.00CDN for the same distance. Can't argue with the wife (Accounting Dept.) with those figures. :-D

You have a Good Day now,

Carl A Jeptha
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Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

I thought of that too. But if I get an extra 5, even 10 mpg it still won't make up for the payment on the rig.

I love these uses Taurus wagons. I've had two of them go 230,000 miles now with nothing major. Oh yeah, one got an engine at 220,000 or so but that was my fault for running it low on oil.

Pick them up used with 75,000 to 100,000 all day long. Usually for less than $8k too. Cheap insurance, decent mileage, easy to get the ladder on etc. My only problem now is that I have too many towers up in the sticks and can't get to them without whacking the bottom of the car all of the time on the rocks. (I DO know that changing an oil pan in one runs $500!)

I'm gonna have to find an suv for my next rig. Probably a Cherokee or Durango. Not sure yet. I want a QUIET rig this time. That's the worst thing about the Taurus around here. The roads are rough and the car is awful.

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I don't believe the gas prices will come back down to below 2.00 any time soon.
So we're shopping for new high gas mileage vehicles.


Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

Hi All,

Just got our $700 gas bill for last month. That's just MY driving. No employees. And I don't even drive an suv!

I'm thinking of a $20 per install fuel surcharge. Kinda like what the concrete company did to me last year at this time.

What are people that have large spread out networks doing?

If we slow down on the installs it'll not be a big deal. But if it kicks into overdrive again in a month or so (pretty normal for us) this summer is gonna be ugly.

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