Dylan Oliver wrote:

> Why turn off UPnP if you don't know what it does? Wikipedia has a good
> page about it. I learned that it does a lot more than NAT traversal
> for bittorrent!

UPnP only works (in practice) if the router supports it (not guaranteed)
AND the PC supports it (iffy, it's only supported by Windows XP and
newer, not older versions of Windows and not Linux AFAIK). I've also
seen a (very) few instances where a UPnP-enabled router exposed services
to the public Internet that shouldn't have been exposed, thus making it
an actual security risk.

Example: I was playing with the IIS Web server on the home computer a
while back, and my desktop PC and UPnP-enabled router somehow managed to
make my "private" IIS installation publicly-visible, even though my
router has a static port-forward setting for port 80 (to another PC in
my house).

Setting up port forwarding for the few folks that really need it isn't
that hard. I mean, look at me, apparently I'm some kind of Neanderthal
for dissing on top-posting, and even I can figure it out...

> Bottom-posting is good, for one, because it encourages one to delete
> all the irrelevant text you top-posters leave at the bottom. Also,
> it's great for responding to messages point-by-point.

I think I like you. :D

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