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Actually, on the Ap Side Airspan is around 5000.00 and 400 or so for the CPE.

It was about a year ago that I got pricing on these. This is a much more competitive price model than what I was quoted back then. At that price, they would be a viable option for certain business models. The only drawback to them is the bandwidth (4.5 Mbps air rate). Their MAC allows for several users to share this bandwidth fairly, however. Airspan is a pretty good choice in this market.

To be fair, I think the WaveIP product performed reasonably well in our testing, too. There's a little more bandwidth available over the air (I think it is 9Mbps) and there is an option for a full duplex link with this gear. In our testing, we had significant issues with WaveIP early on, but once the problem was found (that's a story for another time), the gear performed very well. At least that's what I am told. The problem was found and resolved after I left BPS, so I never got 100% of the details of the final analysis. I'd not hesitate to recommend this gear either.

The only real drawback to either of these (and very likely others in this market) is that the NMS for both of them (this includes the configuration utilities) requires Windows. For a network that does not use any Windows servers (I would assume all the GOOD networks are in this boat :-), this would require a dedicated server just to configure your gear. My requests for a telnet or http interface fell on deaf ears (for both of them). SIGH.

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